Saturdays~ Clean & Sweet

It is Saturday and time to bake! There are few better ways to spend a morning (or afternoon) than mixing dry ingredients, spooning out cookies….smelling the sweet aroma while you…clean? Yes, do something “good” while the cookies are in the oven and the guilt floats away~ organize your recycling or dust the living room and … Continue reading

Sweet Summer Shuffle

Sometimes just hearing the right song can take you into the heart of summer. If you are looking for some sunshine in your music shuffle, try a little bit of Tristan Prettyman. Her album twentythree is just the fix you might need to get you off the lounge chair and onto the sand (even if … Continue reading

Classic Taste

This place setting from Crate and Barrel’s reproduction of the Classic Century line of porcelain is just wonderful~ it makes you want to go back and re-do your wedding registry from 6 years ago (hypothetically, of course!)…. Below are the teapot and sauce bowl from the collection…so sweet. . Why not finish it off with … Continue reading

Coffee & Marshmallows

This is a little follow-up to the ideal breakfast (of hot chocolate & a cupcake) posted below. Bialetti has come out with a super addition to its stove-top espresso maker collection. The beautiful little espresso maker above also has a compartment to steam your milk at the same time, giving you a beautiful capuccino with … Continue reading

Cold Comfort…

Well, today it is 93 degrees….in March. Some people are happy about that, some not so much. Either way, here is a vision of comfort for those of you are are too hot, too! If, on the other coast, you are too cold… is some comfort for you. It seems like Macaroni & Cheese can … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning…

This time of the year is when it really seems like things are ready to be shaken out, scrubbed and either trucked off to Goodwill or tucked back into their appointed places….In the midst of this frenzy of organization and tidyness, here is a fun way to stay clean this spring. Thanks (again) to Martha … Continue reading

This is breakfast…

This is a breakfast option that is offered at Sprinkles Cupcakes here in Los Angeles…..It just seems so yummy and the fact that it is, in fact, on the breakfast menu means that you should feel little or no guilt when consuming it. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?


A new project for the month of March….By the end of the month, have a desk that is functional! Let’s see how it goes. To inspire you, here are some wonderful things that go on or in your desk~ enjoy! (p.s. this is not my desk, yet…..but you can get it at . This … Continue reading

Friday a la Francaise

Look how cute these macaroons are! Sweet and pretty, too. These small little almond cookies are just amazing, although they require a little bit of effort. (The recipe is from Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook….a super find!) Mix up the colors or flavors to meet your needs and these petite cookies will shine! Speaking of shining, … Continue reading

This year is the year!

Sometimes you forget a birthday~ it happens to the best of us. But lately there have been a few too many belated wishes going out to those who are near and dear! What’s a girl to do? How about take a page out of this notebook (courtesy of . Make your own “birthday binder” … Continue reading