A sweet escape

We just got back a few days ago from an amazing trip to Costa Rica. It was super beautiful and relaxing- we had a wonderful time! And since we went with friends who visit there every summer, we had some great hosts! And their daughter and our son had a super great time….It is an … Continue reading

new eyeglasses

Coming soon to a face near you! Well, near me anyway….It is way past time to have some updated glasses- lenses and frames….I just kept putting it off. Finally, I had to go for it. Found these on Ebay and there is this great new feature called “Make an Offer.” Basically, you can send the … Continue reading

room to dream

Wow, this room is just so perfect for me. It is clean, modern- yet warm, friendly and inviting (like the golden!) I love the work area which is also a perfect place to sit and chat or read in the afternoon with a cup of coffee….dream for a Monday afternoon…(found the photo here).

where have I been?

Gosh, it has been too long! I wish I could say that I have been doing really important work or having the most amazing summer ever, but….the reality is much more normal. I have been working and playing and just generally feeling the lack of desire to blog about my lack of desire to do … Continue reading