Guilty pleasure…

Yeah, we are not what you would call country folks, and we are not really known to cowboy up for anything….but this movie was fun. Country Strong is a little cheesy, a little sad, somewhat melodramatic, a good bit entertaining, fairly predictable…..but not terrible. Enjoyable enough that we may have purchased some of the songs … Continue reading

Fency Pants!

Yes, terrible pun: but still a very fun project. Check it out on our “house” blog. Yay for long summer days with more time to work after, well, work.

A blanket of purple…

We are fortunate to be in the midst of a consistent sprinkling of small purple blossoms right now. Our street has many jacarandas and one of the oldest is right in front of our house. It has been a joy to watch the shades of periwinkle, pale blue and lavender fall and leave a cloak … Continue reading

simple, perfect evening

Memorial Day weekend is full of plans and parties, sometimes so many it seems like too much. You just want to stay home in the hammock. But spending time with friends is one of the best things in life, I think. Good friends had a get together recently that was wonderfully easy and effortless- despite … Continue reading