The Nature

So, I know that there is nature in LA, people go there to hike and get in touch with themselves, but I just don’t get there to much. And I have really wanted to go day hiking in the northwest, so I could see a different, greener, more dense type of forest and- wow- I … Continue reading

Portland Days

I try to get away every November to do something fun and relaxing that isn’t 100% related to work…just for a little break. A couple weeks ago, I went back to Portland to stay with my friend Jill…It was great, as always! I love going there- a little rain, some clouds, also some sun… some … Continue reading


We went up to a cabin in Idyllwild with a group from church a couple weeks ago. It was amazingly beautiful- so much of the beauty of autumn. The cabin we stayed was also just perfect for the weekend- it had so many original items from years ago that I had to take some pictures…