jill’s art sale!

I just got an email from my friend jill bliss. She is having a super-duper art sale right now online- just for 24 hours! Her goal is to raise money for her new paper goods line coming out soon….Pop over to her shop and see what catches your eye… Advertisements

sunday night cookies

So if you know me, you know that I love to bake….seriously…like at least once a week, probably twice. Now that we have a little guy and are more a “family” than the free-wheelin’ couple we used to be, I feel the need to start incorporating traditions that will be memories for the years to … Continue reading

made by hank

Okay, so you may have already seen the awesome purses that Katie makes and sells in her etsy shop madebyhank, but these sweet little small purses are just the best! The stiching and gathering on the front is whimsical and modern at the same time- the back is simple and fun, with the cool little … Continue reading

the first giveaway

Okay, so even though I haven’t been blogging myself for awhile, I have still been reading blogs constantly. And one of my absolute favorite things about blogs are the giveaways! So, I think that it is only fair to do one here…..It is pretty straight-forward. 50 readers who leave comments here on this post will … Continue reading

floral notes in the shop

I just added some new notes to the shop. They are small and sweet and just right for a spring addition to your stationery drawer…enjoy!

spring flowers

I found this journal at Target the other day and snatched up 2 of them for friends’ birthdays…Now I have the dilemma of wanting to keep one for myself….argh! They are part of Target‘s greenroom line of recycled paper goods…

i can only knit scarves

Yes, it is true. I would love to knits booties for little feet or blankets to curl up with, but for now I can only knit long uniform scarves- knit or purl! I think that I am going to take a workshop at a little yarn shop in South Pasadena to break this comfortably numb … Continue reading


The other weekend, I was out with friends and this little vintage painting caught their eyes…They knew I would love it and they were right. Gosh, I can’t believe how much I ended up paying for a little 5 x 7 paint-by-numbers art piece, but it everything about it makes me happy. The colors are … Continue reading

arranging candlesticks

When my parents were moving last summer, my mom found these amazing candlestick arrangement holders and offered them to me. They were in their original box (can you appreciate the way they marketed these?) and never used. I put them in my candlestick drawer and waited…..Waited until the right pair of candlesticks came along. Well … Continue reading

been a long time…

…since I, well not rock ‘n’ rolled, but paid attention to the blog. Almost two years, in fact…I’ll spare the details. Long story short, I will be back posting and doing it a little differently.There will be weekly postings on favorite recipes, new products out there, a weekly “vintage find” and just a lot of … Continue reading