So much fun in one long weekend!

It was two weeks ago, but I am finally posting about the super fun weekend Jill and I had a the beginning of March. When you live in a city as great as Los Angeles, your to-see list gets longer and longer. It is always great when good friends are in town and you can take a day or two off to hit a bunch of great spots and see even more friends! (and, apparently, drink lots of coffee)… The first day Jill was here, we were actually good and worked (with a successful thrift break in the afternoon)…. Then we hit the ground with Heath Ceramics (Jill had been wanting to see the lovely wood displays and I love the colors and the seconds, as always!)…and then the succulent & plant magic next door at Rolling Greens.

Next it was off to Venice (with a quick detour to West Elm), so much to see again on Abbot Kinney- and meeting up with Laure to discuss very important things like stationery, skinny hipsters and workshops.

Saturday was all about the Diebenkorn exhibit at OCMA, but first we tried Proof (wonderful!) and met up with Abby. The exhibit was breathtaking.  This was all Ocean Park series paintings- I never knew how HUGE these paintings are. It was inspiring, but no photography (even on iPhones). Ugh. Jill was so sad…..

Sunday was a restful day, as it should be. Before Jill left in the afternoon, there was time in the garden- and some succulent chat with neighbors and cuttings soaked for the flight back to Portland. All in all, so wonderful. If anyone wants to come visit- please do! So much to do here, but I don’t seem to take advantage on my own- so get in touch!!! Let’s have an adventure- maybe just a day trip?

6 Responses to “So much fun in one long weekend!”
  1. Rebecca says:

    Looks like so much fun! I’m up for an outing . . . let’s make a plan 🙂

  2. MJ says:

    I love proof! just wish it was closer 🙂 My list seems endless and I seem to only add items instead of crossing things off…looks like a great weekend!!!

    • So true! So much to do, but seems so hard to make the time- we need a ladies outing club. I know you’re supposed to be like 70 before you join those, but we should just create it. Like a “First Saturday” club? Always a good eat spot and a good “see” place…. Yes?

  3. Molly W. says:

    Oh how I miss our coffee dates! And I LOVE Abbot Kinney…yes please!! COME VISIT ME!! xoxo

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