Where our lettuce grows…

So, last spring we rolled up our sleeves and got to garden-making. We built lovely garden beds, amended our soil and planted our seeds and seedlings. Lots of lessons were learned, which I won’t get into now. Brief summary: tomatoes aren’t the fail-safe we thought they’d be (at least not the heirloom variety we planted), cucumbers can stay very small for months, strawberries from seed are impossible and herbs can die. Sound jaded? We may have been. Until winter. Lettuce restored our faith in the miracle of horticulture.

Of course, not the lettuce we planted in our beautiful veggie beds. In neat rows, with perfect spacing and regular watering. Not those. It was the extra seeds, the leftovers that we tossed around our empty corner of dirt at the front of the house. There had been a bush there that we pulled out and figured, what the hey! Let’s use this too….and the lettuce loved it! The red lettuce, butter lettuce and even the Rainbow chard just got to growing and didn’t stop!

We have literally had baskets of greens for weeks and weeks now, from a little corner plot of dirt that is maybe 1.5′ by 2.5′- who knew? So we are happy campers. We may not have lemons on our trees and we lost almost all of our avocados in the windstorm (we stopped counting at 175 avocados on the ground), but there will be salad!!! And, this spring, we are planting regular tomatoes and we’ll start with strawberry seedlings, and thank the Lord for whatever he chooses to  prosper in our soil.

2 Responses to “Where our lettuce grows…”
  1. Rebecca says:

    Your lettuce looks beautiful! We’ll have to chat more about your “lessons” sometime . . . I’m not a great gardener. We just put some beds in our garden area but are waiting until the frost is over to plant seedlings. And, our tortoise ate all our strawberry seedlings last year. I think the planter edges are high enough he can’t climb over this time.

  2. subtlemusings says:

    Love this post – Mother Nature keeps us on our toes, does she not? 🙂

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