Calm after the storm…

One week ago, we were sitting in the dark and putting a puzzle together by candlelight. The windstorm the night before was so intense that we were really thinking that there may be more and were hunkering down for the night. Learning to be sufficient and function without electricity or hot water (downside of tankless water-heaters) gave me respect for so many of the people in the past and today who face these challenges every day. Now it seems like a different place in time. I am not as strong as I imagined myself to be (I like to use a hair dryer on a regular basis, I admit it). I was amazed by the power of God’s creation, the intensity of nature, and to feel the relief when it subsided. We lost very little compared to others and are so thankful- hoping that our avocado tree will recover, regrow its leaves and still have fruit…. time will tell. What did you guys think about the storm? Curious to hear about your experiences…

I am sure that you have seen the photos online of all the crazy trees and power lines down, the photos above are the shots that I took of our block the morning after the wind around 6:30 am.

One Response to “Calm after the storm…”
  1. Yelena says:

    We didn’t have anything like that in Corona. I just could not believe the pictures that I was seeing. We all take our conveniences for granted until something like that happens and one cannot bathe or run a hair dryer. Thinking of friends who really lost in this storm and praying that God will provide and help rebuild quickly.

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