Work like you mean it.

Sometimes work is easy, sometimes it is a challenge. I prefer the latter. Sure, I don’t necessarily enjoy working on Saturdays, but the feeling that you are on the right track- that you like where you are heading- that’s exciting. I am blessed to have a career path that is not straight or pre-determined by any plan of my own. It happens, and I am cool with that. I have also learned that when you have that kind of work life, the normal rules don’t always apply. I don’t get paid holidays and I cover my own health insurance, but I also work on projects that I love. I am learning every day. And it takes effort to learn, to make something better than you thought it could be (hence the late nights and Saturdays…). In the end, I make time for the important things like faith, family and friends and the rest of the time I am learning to focus. Sorry, knitting and ceramics, we’ll get together another weekend. I promise.

Work attire inspiration from jcrew.


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