Pasadena in Plein Air

Last week, on my usual round of vintage shopping, I ran across a painting that was quite a find. It was a small but beautiful plein air landscape painting. Signed by Vic Riseau and featuring the California poppies that I love, I was sold.This find prompted a little online research, where I learned more about Pasadena’s long and rich history in the California plein air painting movement. This being one of my favorite styles of painting, I was excited to find that the California Art Club was hosting an event at, and in support of, La Casita del Arroyo (another local treasure) and I knew I had to go.

There were many talented painters selling pieces that they had done over the previous week in an intensive group painting initiative in support of the Arroyo and La Casita itself. As I walked past the wonderfully inspiring artists and their work, I came across the beautifully abstract paintings of Eric Merrell. His work is plein air painting with a touch of impressionism that makes his work stand apart from the rest. His use of color and light is refreshing and youthful. I am not a fine artist, but I appreciate those who have so much talent.

Above and below are a couple of his Arroyo paintings, from his blog, and it is worth looking at his site as well to see the breadth of his work. I hope to see more of it in person again soon….

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