Cleaning Thrift Art

Oh, the treasures that can be found at Salvation Army….Love it! I found this simple, but sweet, vintage painting…unfortunately, it’s previous life was in a smokier home than ours. What to do? I was not sure how to clean away the brown haze that years of tobacco smoke had left. But never fear!!! Laure had a great idea- Magic Eraser! Apparently approved for vintage pieces, like Nelson pendants, that have also escaped the flames, but not the smoke. So last weekend, I broke out the cleaning supplies (damp magic eraser & dry paper towel) and engaged in an intense 3 minutes of cleaning- the result was amazing!!! I wish I had taken a before photo, but people look at the sponge and towel- they give you an idea. So now you know! Don’t be afraid of a little smoky haze…. (disclaimer: the painting was not expensive or of personal significance, so I took the chance. If you are looking at cleaning a more important piece, consult a professional!)

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