Get these now!

I have been meaning to post about Jill‘s journals since I bought them at Target like 2 weeks ago- argh! Anyway, they are awesome! For her sake, I hope that they are all sold out, every last one…but for your sake, I hope there are a couple left under all the Hello Kitty and Transformers folders in the notebook aisle.

(super-awesome poppies! Laure’s post today reminded me of these- spring beauties!)

Jill’s journals are a staple in my paper collection and have been for years, so I wasn’t sure how the big box versions would be, but they are super great! The line work is beautifuland the grid paper is great- get’s me planning. Hooray!!!! Perfect for gifts (or keeping) or both!(super nifty grids- already in use)

So now you have an excuse to wander down the paper aisle next time you are shopping at the bullseye. And if you aren’t familiar with Jill’s work, it is really beautiful and her blog is a great mix of everyday living, artistic inspiration and interesting ideas….

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