Book Probation

Argh! Too many books!!! Am I the only person with this problem? I mean, I am pretty sure that there are lots of book hoarders out there, but how many of them are in their 30’s? I picture more professorial types…..But really, books (especially old ones) are beautiful. They were made in a time when the printed word was a primary source of information and entertainment. And maybe that’s the printer side of me- that I love these books so much, their spines, covers, illustrations… it all! And what if there is like a cultural meltdown someday and I have to rely on our own library to educate our family? (ok, not a likely scenario but still…… who can resist Shakespeare or Melville?)….But it has gone too far (“LOGIC MACHINES & DIAGRAMS”, anyone?). Now I am on book probation for the near future. (past probations include pottery, plate sets, vases and danish modern credenzas) But that’s ok, there are lots of other things to do- like knit a blanket or start playing guitar (again).

2 Responses to “Book Probation”
  1. Bec says:

    Preaching to the choir! I just unpacked box upon box of books, some of which have been in storage for years, just waiting for room to display them. No “Logic Machines and Diagrams” but how about “Introduction to Positional and Predicate Logic”? We're nerds!

  2. Emily says:

    Total dorks, and I love it!!!! Thanks for the reminder that I am not alone- hooray 🙂

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