I have changed…

First of all, let me say that I know I am very late to the gardening bandwagon…or not even gardening, really, but keeping plants alive in your home..on purpose. My friend and roommate in college, Laurie, was always a plant lover….cared deeply for them- watered them, pruned them..talked to them (maybe?), was horrified and near tears when a rat caused near-fatal carnage to a small aloe plant. I was never that way…I was cut flowers type of girl. I liked the ease of picking them up and appreciating them in their prime- decorating with them, smelling them…and them tossing them out when they withered away….
And now, something strange has happened. I just had a list of ways to perk up the apartment and getting some small low-maintenance plants just happened to be on that list. Well, I eventually got three little plants- one for the bathroom, one for our room, and one for Dillan’s room….
(meet the gang below)

Somehow, these little plants have inserted themselves not only into out living environment, but also in my heart- what??? How??? I don’t know, but they’re cute, they make me happy, they grow and they live for so long- if you water them and give them some love and sunshine….Wow! Who knew…all these years later, I know what Laurie was talking about…and you can change, sometimes without even intending to.


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